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Best April Fool’s Jokes 2024

Best April Fool's Jokes 2024

Every year April 1st comes and goes without much notice on our part. They usually just aren’t…funny?

April Fool’s jokes often fall flat, but we were pleasantly surprised by this year’s lineup.

Brands that crushed their April Fool’s content this year had one thing in common: they really leaned into their brand identities.

Let’s take a look:


Flodesk April Fools Joke 2024
Flodesk Instagram

Let’s start off strong with our absolute favorite. Flodesk, a popular email marketing platform, introduced SCENTED EMAILS.

Leaning into the nostalgia of scented stationary, the idea of scented emails was both fun and intriguing.

Flodesk April Fools Joke 2024
Flodesk Instagram

Too bad it’s only an April Fool’s prank - we’d love to start sending our emails with a note of vanilla latte ☕️🍯.


Also leaning into nostalgia, Poppi shared a new range of Poppi-flavoured snacks, including candy rings, pop tarts, push pop and popsicles.

Fans expressed enthusiasm for a potential Poppi collaboration with these iconic snacks.

Poppi April Fools Joke 2024
Poppi Instagram

While we enjoyed the simple joke, we can’t help but think that Poppi slightly missed the mark here.

After all, a big part of their branding is that they position themselves as a healthy soda with significantly fewer calories and sugar than regular soda but with the added benefit of gut-healthy prebiotics.

A collaboration with classic junk food was an unexpected departure.


Another food brand imagining a fun collab on April Fool’s Day is Graza.

Graza April Fools Joke 2024
Graza Instagram

Known for their olive oil in plastic bottles (questionable? idk), Graza came up with the idea of olive oil flavored Gushers.

Fun and light-hearted, we think they are leaning into the trend we’ve been seeing to combine olive oil with sweet treats (like ice cream and coffee).


Peloton April Fools Joke 2024
Peloton Instagram

Peloton, the fan-favorite workout platform best known for its cycling workouts, introduced a new workout: breakdancing.

Considering Peloton's extensive range of fitness routines, including cycling, running, rowing, pilates, yoga, boxing, and dancing, breakdancing seemed a natural extension of their offerings.

Alo - Unintentional April Fools

Alo Capri Leggings and Ballet Flats
Alo Instagram

Okay, truth be told, Alo didn’t post an April Fools post, but we believe one of their recent posts unintentionally embodied the spirit of the day.

The combination of capri leggings and ballet flats strayed far from Alo's typical sporty-chic aesthetic and seems more like a joke than an actual outfit.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this year's April Fool's Day content. Let us know your favorites in the comments!


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